MPP Technologies Pvt Ltd


MPP Technologies, with over two decades of expertise in precision sheet metal fabrication, offers steel doors for fire and smoke protection under license from System Schroders of Germany.

System Schroders has spearheaded the design and development of high-tech steel doors in Europe for 25 years. These are based on standards, dimensions and features certified by reputed testing institutions in Great Britain and Germany. The fire-resistant doors are surface-finished with special pure polyester powder coating.

Crafted with CNC machines and state-of-the-art painting system at MPP, the doors are engineered to meet stringent fire and smoke protection standards.

The benefits include reduced radiation of heat and noise transmission, protection from dust and corrosion, fire resistance, and energy conservation.

MPP System Schroders doors are custom-made for installation in High-Rise Buildings, Software, Biotech, Manufacturing, Shopping and Entertainment establishments, Hotels, AHU Rooms, Server Rooms and Hospitals.